Meiyang Chang remembers last meeting with KK in flight

Actor-singer Meiyang Chang, who was also seen on ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 6’ went down the memory lane to share an incident with late singer KK in a flight.

Singer KK passed away in Kolkata on Tuesday after a concert. The singer was 53 and complained of heaviness on May 31. Following that, he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared brought dead. His passing away left the entire nation in shock.

Meiyang took to his Instagram handle to share a memory with him.

He mentioned: “2008. I was new to the industry. My first music album was due, and the label was also launching his second with a gig. It was the first public concert I’d ever attended: an electrifying roller-coaster of emotions. When I met him immediately post-gig, he had the smile of a man who (without a trace of fatigue) had just stepped off stage doing what he loved the most.”

“The moment was all about him, but he made it about everyone else. It’s impossible to quantify the confidence his joy, aura & encouragement gave this newcomer to keep at his dreams,” he added.

“I only met him once more on an early morning flight years later. I wanted to nap and conserve energy for my own concert later that night, but he would have none of it. “How often will we get time to talk like this in our busy lives, bro?” was his reasoning. He loved meeting people. Energy reincarnate, he initiated an arresting banter while constantly apologising for not letting me sleep.”

He recalled how KK made him talk to him and didn’t let him sleep.

“You don’t mind na? I just love chatting. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this wonderful man. When the plane landed, I was glad we chose talking over sleeping. What an innocently mischievous man he was! That’s how I will always remember him: full of life, always excited to perform, belting hit after hit, giving us the soundtrack of our youth, and disarming one & all with that big, all-teeth smile,” he recalled.

The actor concluded with: “It feels like someone close has passed. It was sudden, it was unexpected and I wish it wasn’t true. To know you was a pleasure. To hear you sing: an honour. Go well, man. Rest in music, you Rockstar.”




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