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Men’s ODI WC: When you walk on to the field you will certainly have that feeling of yes, we have to win this, says Kumble

Ahead of the high-octane India-Pakistan game happening at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Saturday, legendary leg-spinner Anil Kumble said that when a player walks on the field ahead of this clash, they have a feeling within themselves that this match has to be won by them.

Excitement has been running high in cricket fans around the world as India and Pakistan meet up on Saturday, with the Rohit Sharma-led side leading the head-to-head record 7-0 in Men’s ODI World Cups.

“Not really, I think the preparations will be the same, it’s just that on that particular day when you walk on to the field you will certainly have that feeling of yes, we have to win this. The result matters and it’s India vs Pakistan, and India has always trumped Pakistan in a World Cup match. So that feeling is there, the nervousness is there for any game, but more so for an India-Pakistan game, and once the first ball is bowled everything is back to normal,” said Kumble to ESPNCricinfo.

Kumble, also a former India head coach, also shared his thoughts on how Indian players should cope with emotions and prepare ahead of a highly-anticipated clash. “It’s just doing the regular things that you would do preparing for any other match. You don’t want to do things differently just because it’s India- Pakistan.”

“And the turnaround has been only just two days, so one day of travel, that too of course one day prior to the match. Whether you want the entire team to be together at practice, even if it is not just a net, but maybe just to get a feel of the ground and maybe a fun game together.”

“Maybe that’s something that you would probably think of and nothing else, and leave it to the players to say okay do you want to hit or you want to come and bowl a bit, you leave it to the players because it’s been two days and just yesterday they sort of played a fantastic game so it’s all about managing that. And for some of the players it’s a home game.”

“Jasprit Bumrah comes from that state and yes although they don’t play for Gujarat, there’s Jadeja, Hardik. So all these guys would feel that this is a home game for us and, you will have plenty of family around in that 130 thousand people. It’s special feeling to walk out there, and then do well for the country and the team across the line,” he elaborated.

Dale Steyn, the legendary South Africa pacer, commented on how emotions outweigh performance in a pressure game. “Yes, I mean it can take away from the way you normally play. You kind of think I’m playing against this team, and I want to be man of the match, and end up doing more than you’re required too, and that’s when you find guys trying too hard and that where you just kind of lose it. Whereas if I just come in, do what I have to do, just play my part, then everything will unfold.”



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