‘Mere Sai’ actress Kirtida Mistry wants conversation around dowry to continue


Actress Kirtida Mistry, or Sugandha in “Mere Sai: Shraddha Aur Saburi”, feels it is important to continue spreading awareness about the dowry menace, a social evil the show is currently focussing on.

“I feel that dowry creates a mess and a negative environment in society. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness among those who still believe in it. Sugandha’s story aims to do just that. It is my humble request to all my fans and viewers to not accept and ask dowry the ‘well-being’ of their daughters-in-law,” said Kirtida.

The actress also throws light on the growing pretence of giving gifts to make things not look like dowry at Indian weddings.

“Due to the practice of dowry being an offense, families now call it a sweet gesture of gifting and continue with it, hidden under the layers of fear for their daughter’s well-being. It is complete injustice to women and does not give women equal status in society. Because of dowry, men will always be superior to women and this practice needs to be stooped,” says the actress.

“Mere Sai: Shraddha Aur Saburi” airs on Sony Entertainment Television.