Meta expands AI face-scanning to Facebook dating in US

Meta announced that it has expanded its Artificial Intelligence (AI) face-scanning tool and ID Upload tool to Facebook Dating in the US, to verify users’ age.

The tools will make sure that only adults are using the service, preventing minors from accessing it, the company said in a blogpost on Monday.

Users must be at least 18 years old to sign up and access Facebook Dating, and age verification tools will make sure of it.

The tech giant partnered with age-verification company Yoti to provide two options for users to choose from Video Selfie and ID Upload.

If users choose the Video Selfie option, they will see instructions on their screen to guide them through the process.

After taking the Video Selfie, Yoti’s technology will estimate their age based on facial features.

If users choose the ID Upload option, they need to upload a copy of their ID, which will be encrypted and stored securely.

“We plan to bring our age detection technology and verification tools to other countries globally where Facebook Dating is available, and to more experiences that require people to be over 18 to access them,” the social media giant said.




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