Meta launches new tool to stop spread of terror content

Meta has launched a new open-source software tool called “Hasher-Matcher-Actioner” (HMA) that will help platforms stop the spread of terror content, child exploitation, or any other violating content.

With HMA, platforms will be able to scan for any violating content and take action as required.

HMA builds on Meta’s previous open-source image and video matching software, which can be used for any type of violating content.

“Meta spent approximately $5 billion globally on safety and security last year, and has more than 40,000 people working on it,” said the company.

“Within that, we have a team of hundreds of people dedicated to counter-terror work specifically, with expertise ranging from law enforcement and national security to counterterrorism intelligence and academic studies in radicalisation,” it added.

The new tool allows platforms to create and run their own databases, while also allowing them to utilise existing hash databases.

Therefore, they need not save the offending images or videos themselves and can run all their content through the databases they use to detect posts that violate their rules, according to the company.

The company shared the tool shortly before it assumes the chair of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) board next month.

It is a group it formed with Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to fight online extremism back in 2017.

GIFCT is an NGO that brings together technology companies to tackle terrorist content online through research, technical collaboration and knowledge sharing.




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