Monday, July 15, 2024

Meta may charge users $14 a month for ad-free Instagram or FB

Meta is reportedly planning to charge $14 for accessing an ad-free Instagram or Facebook in Europe where users will have an option to pay the fee or agree to see personalised ads.

If users in Europe want to access both Instagram and Facebook, they can get the combo for $17 per month, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Meta is reportedly pitching the pricing to EU regulators who want Mark Zuckerberg to stop using personal data to target ads at European citizens without their consent.

“The bloc’s users could have three options by the end of this month: pay up, use for free but agree to personalized ads, or quit, with the latter looking very tempting,” the report mentioned.

Those who pay for the subscriptions would not see ads while Meta would also continue to offer free versions of the apps with ads in the EU.

Meta has been forced by the EU to ask permission from its users before showing them targeted advertising, after a series of regulatory rulings challenged its financial strategy.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that Meta is testing a new subscription service that would let Facebook and Instagram users pay for a verified account.

Meta is also working on generative AI chatbot called ‘Gen AI Personas’ for younger users.

According to reports, the AI chatbot “would come in multiple personas geared towards engaging young users with more colourful behaviour”.

Meta is planning to develop dozens of AI personality chatbots.



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