Mexico grants asylum to family of Peru’s ousted President

The Mexican government has granted asylum to the family of Peru’s ousted President Pedro Castillo because “they requested it from inside the Mexican Embassy in Lima”, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced here on Tuesday.

Addressing reporters at a briefing on Tuesday, the Minister said that when asylum seekers are in one of Mexico’s embassies, “we grant them asylum”, because “it is Mexico’s independent and sovereign decision”, reports Xinhua news agency.

Ebrard added that after granting asylum, Mexico will negotiate with Peruvian authorities the family’s safe conduct so that they can leave Peru for Mexico if they wish to do so, stressing that “they are in Mexican territory since it is our Embassy”.

Asylum for Castillo’s wife and children was approved by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry on Monday, but not for the former President who was impeached and arrested on December 7, a move that has led to violent protests across the country.

Earlier that day, Castillo had dissolved Congress, which was followed by the legislative body impeaching him and swearing in Vice President Dina Boluarte to replace him.

According to official reports, at least 19 demonstrators have been killed in the protests demanding Boluarte’s resignation, the shutdown of Congress, Castillo’s release and early elections.

The protesters have burned police stations, obstructed Peru’s main highway and blocked access to airports, stranding hundreds of foreign tourists.

In the wake of the violence, a 30-day nationwide state of emergency has been imposed.




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