Michael C. Hall on coming back as Dexter Morgan after eight years (IANS Interview)


Hollywood star Michael C. Hall has returned as Dexter Morgan in the crime drama miniseries ‘Dexter: New Blood’.

The actor is over the moon to reprise the role after eight years and has talked about how the new season connects the audience to it after a long gap since the show’s finale in 2013.

Talking about ‘Dexter: New Blood’, which is set 10 years after the events of the original series’ 2013 finale ‘Remember the Monsters?’, Michael joined a select roundtable with journalists, including an IANS representative, to talk about how he sees audiences connecting to the miniseries after a long gap.

He told IANS: “I think there’s been enough time for the show’s reappearance to be somewhat of a surprise and hopefully not so much time has passed that we can’t take advantage of the pre-existing audience and attracting some new people to the show.”

“I think enough time has passed that there are certain storytelling opportunities that passage of time affords us particularly having to do with Dexter’s son to reach a certain age.”

The actor found it very “gratifying to go back and revisit the character”.

He said during the round table interview: “Gratifying because I believed in the story we were telling and the team we had assembled. It has been some time since I have played the part but I discovered on set that he was still there…still familiar enough to me.”

Michael added: “I missed speaking generally in the current context with the pandemic and everything…umm going to work and it was nice to go and focus collectively on the cast and crew on telling this story and taking some control over the story we were telling rather than being all focussed on a story that we cannot control. That was nice.”

‘Dexter: New Blood’, which also stars Jennifer Carpenter, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, Alano Miller, Clancy Brown, and David Magidoff, is airing on Voot Select.

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