Mick Schumacher 90% happy with his debut race

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, who started his F1 debut with a spin at Turn 4 on the first racing lap at the Bahrain GP, said he was 90% happy with his performance.

Michael had an even worse debut as his first race lasted less than a lap 30 years ago.

However, Haas driver Mick was better and the spin on Turn 4 during the first lap proved to be the only major mistake for him all weekend, as he went on to finish 16th.

“I think in general I’m 90% happy, 10% not because of the mistake that I made in the Safety Car restart with the spin,” Schumacher was quoted as saying by www.formula1.com.

“Luckily the car was still drivable and everything was alright, so I could keep going and keep taking my experience through the race weekend. After that I went through the C3s [tyres] and the C2s, and the C2 felt really good,” he added.

“I was actually trying to understand why it happened and I quite quickly understood it, so that was good. Afterwards obviously it was a bit of a shame that I wasn’t in the pack being able to try at least to be close to the guys for a few laps.”