Mila Kunis shares ‘yin-yang energy’ on screen with Oscar winner Allison Janney


Hollywood star Mila Kunis can’t stop gushing about actress Allison Janney. Kunis says she loved working with Oscar-winner Janney in their new film because they share a yin-yang energy.

Kunis and Janney star in Tate Taylor’s upcoming “Breaking News In Yuba County”. The crime comedy follows a fictional small town and its residents as they try to uncover what really happened to a missing man. The film is at the same time a satirical allegory on news media and the hunger for fame, and Kunis plays an aggressive journalist named Nancy.

“Nancy is a character I never really had the opportunity to play before, and you just have fun playing her,” says Kunis.

While shooting the film, Kunis was struck by how effortlessly co-star Janney would embody her wickedly neurotic character of Sue Buttons.

“All my scenes are with Allison, and she and I have a very yin-yang, back-and forth energy. Allison brings everything to all of her characters, and she’s able to switch gears seamlessly. You can see her go from victim to driving force, and she adds a kind of sinister feeling. She brings so many layers to Sue,” says Kunis.

“Allison is going to go down in history as one of my favourite actresses to work with and also as one of my favourite people. She, for whatever reason, can play a crazy person like nobody’s business,” she adds.

The film also features Wanda Sykes, Awkwafina, Ellen Barkin and Juliette Lewis. “Breaking News In Yuba County”, is being lined up to be released in India by PVR Pictures on February 19.