Military training begins for Kiev residents

Authorities in Kiev have started military training of residents of the Ukrainian capital to “increase the level of protection of the city’s defenses” in the wake of the continued Russian war.

A statement issued by the Kiev City Administration citing Mayor Vitali Klychko said: “First of all, employees of communal enterprises and regional state administrations of the capital will undergo the training. They will be provided with key knowledge, in particular, in the provision of emergency first aid.

“In the current conditions, this is extremely necessary because 80 per cent of those killed in hostilities are people who lose a lot of blood. It is important to know how to save the life of a wounded person in the conditions of war.”

The lesson plan includes training in handling firearms and procedures for when under enemy fire; battlefield medicine; engineering and procedures for handling explosive objects; ensuring civil protection of the population; actions in case of radiation and chemical pollution.

Klychko further emphasised that the city will later involve all those willing to participate in such training.

The training is being organised in every district of the capital.

The Mayor added that the authorities also plan to expand the training program to include women and students.




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