MILMA sets aside Rs 4.50 cr for adopting 3,500 calves

The Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cooperative Milk Producers Union (TRCMPU) of Milma in order to augment production of milk has decided to set aside Rs 4.50 crore for adopting 3,500 calves by interested farmers.

This financial year, 3500 calves will be adopted in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts, which come under TRCMPU.

The farmers who adopt calves will be provided cattle feed at half the price and other necessary support till the delivery of the first calf. This year, specially made ‘Calf Growth Meal’ will be supplied to the farmers who adopt calves.

TRCMPU has also drawn up several new schemes to augment procurement of milk besides setting a target of 5 lakh litres of milk to be procured a day by 2025.

Among the other initiatives of TRCMPU include launch of mobile veterinary clinics to augment livestock veterinary care facilities besides mobile application technology will be leveraged for the implementation of this programme.

Steps have also been taken to set up 40 insemination centres to augment artificial insemination in the region.

As many as 100 fertility clinics will be opened and silage will be provided to farmers at subsidised rates.




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