Mimic artist Chandni orders pizza in Alia Bhat voice; netizens call it “perfect”

Mimicry artist Chandni who is quite popular on social media for her impressions of celebrities, in particular actresses Alia Bhat and Kangana Ranaut recently posted a video in which she is ordering for pizza in Alia Bhat’s voice.

The video has since gone viral and netizens are showering praises on Chandni for her uncanny on point impression of the ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ actress.

Alia Bhat who has been in the news since February for her movie releases and then for her ongoing wedding rumours might find that making headlines for being mimicked and that too in such an accurate manner might be somewhat of a relief.

Coming back to the comic bit by mimicry artist Chandni, the video posted on YouTube, starts with Chandni getting a dare, which says, “Order a pizza from a place of your choice in Alia Bhatt’s voice”.

Chandni accepts the dare, she dials up the pizza place and bearing in mind that Alia is vegan she requests for a gluten free vegan pizza. She even added an act of asking Ranbir Kapoor about his YouTube choice of pizza to make it sound more believable. It’s clear the person receiving the phone call is startled by the order.

Netizens showered praise on Chandni for her impression with many stating that it was “perfect”. On user commented, “That was perfect, I closed my eyes and I could Imagine Aloo (Alia) speaking.”

Another user said, “The boy who took the order will remember this day for the rest of his life.”

Watch the video here:



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