Chandigarh, April 6 (IANS) As the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly all around the world, Minerva Academy owner Ranjit Bajaj has donated Ra 5 lakh in 4 different donations towards the Punjab Chief Minister’s COVID Relief Fund (Rs 1 Lakh), Haryana CORONA Relief Fund (Rs 1 Lakh), PM Cares Fund (Rs 2 Lakh) and Indian Red Cross Society, Chandigarh (Rs 1 Lakh) to help medical workers and hospitals fight the global pandemic.

Minerva Academy Owner, Bajaj said, “These are tough times for everyone, as a nation, we are trying to fight against this global pandemic and as an age-old institution, it’s our duty towards our community and our country to do our bit to fight this pandemic and we hope that others will also join in supporting more families in need. Together we can overcome this crisis.

“During this tough time, we want to help people who are fighting to make our lives easier. I really believe we will get through this together. There are so many things people can do to support those affected. Every donation, big or small goes a long way. Our thoughts are with the people and the families affected.”

He also added: “I am really thankful to the Non-Govt. organisations like Khalsa Aid and the Red Cross Society who are making sure that every person in need gets food and medical help. As a historic academy, in these unprecedented times, we stand in unity with them and for humanity.

“In these uncertain times of COVID-19 when all our focus and resources have been on combating and eradicating this pandemic, we have decided to stand by the call and directives given by the state and central government and help the Government overcome this virus. We urge every citizen of the country to follow these directions to make the process smoother. We also make an appeal to all to come forward with voluntary donations to the different COVID Relief Funds.”




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