Minor girl dancer raped in Bihar’s Gopalganj district


A minor girl working in an orchestra was raped by a youth in Bihar’s Gopalganj district, a police official said.

The police initially refused to register the FIR in this connection. The victim finally got the FIR registered in women’s police station on the instruction of district SP Anand Kumar.

The incident happened in Jodhan Mor under Mohammadpur police station when three dancers were invited by a person named Deepu Kumar to perform at an event on Saturday night.

After the event was over, the organizer Deepu asked the three girls to go to their respective homes with a youth on one motorcycle. The girl initially refused to go with that youth but as Deepu forced them, they agreed.

“As per the statement of the victim, after all three girls got on to the bike, the youth dropped one of the girls to her house in the adjoining village and moved towards the house of another two girls. After they reached some distance, the accused asked them to get off the motor bike. When the bike stopped and those two girls got down, the youth took them to a nearby agricultural field at gun point,” said an official of the women’s police station.

“The accused tried to rape one girl but she feigned illness. Then he turned to another girl and raped her. The accused also threatened her of dire consequences if she reveals the incident to anyone. The accused then dropped both the girls to their homes,” she said.

The victim approached the concerned Mohammadpur police station on the same night, but the police personnel refused to register an FIR. They sked to go to Sadar hospital for a medical checkup on her own. The victim roamed in the Sadar hospital for the entire night.

When doctors of the hospital conveyed the incident to district SP Anand Kumar, he took cognisance of the matter and directed the women police station to register the FIR.

“The investigation in this matter is underway. We will soon arrest the accused and event organizer. The latter has the responsibility to safely drop girls to their respective homes which he did not do,” Anand Kumar said.