Minor girl injured in leopard attack in Pilibhit


A seven-year-old girl who was attacked by a leopard in Majhara village, near the Barahi range of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR), has been admitted to a hospital with critical injuries. Doctors said that her condition is serious due to excessive blood loss and injuries.

The girl was injured by a leopard late on Friday night.

The girl’s father, Gurmel Singh, said that the leopard entered their courtyard and attacked the girl.

Gurmel Singh and his wife were inside the house when they heard their daughter Manpreet, who was playing in the courtyard, screaming for help. He rushed out only to see a leopard had grabbed Manpreet. He pelted a stone at the leopard and their neighbours also came out with sticks. They managed to scare away the leopard.

According to the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve deputy director, Naveen Khandelwal, “This is the first attack by a leopard in this area. Our team is monitoring this area and looks like the leopard has changed its location. We have asked local residents to stay cautious, especially during evening hours. The girl’s condition is critical because of excessive blood loss. We have assured compensation to the family.”