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Misha Collins on cancellation of ‘Gotham Knights’: ‘I’m bummed and disappointed’

Actor Misha Collins, who plays Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent in the superhero show ‘Gotham Knights’, has expressed disappointment over the cancellation of the series. Misha lamented not being able to further explore his “villain arc”.

The District Attorney was later poised to be Two-Face who is one of Batman’s most iconic villains. However, in Gotham Knights, the character hadn’t yet earned his disfigured visage, and while the district attorney was disturbed by the presence of an alternate persona, he hadn’t yet begun to dive into the villainous nature of his alternate personality.

For fans of the show, the cancellation comes at a moment when the series recently began exploring the Gotham DA’s dual nature with the revelation of his alternative self as the show enters into the final episodes of its first season.

Lamenting the cancellation of the show, the actor wrote a lengthy post on social media: “Just got back on the grid after unplugging for a week to hear the news that Gotham Knights was canceled by The CW and won’t be able to find a new home. I’m incredibly bummed, and selfishly disappointed to not be able to fully explore my ‘villain arc’ but I’m proud of the show we made and so grateful to have been able to work with such a smart, caring, good group of people.”

He continued: “I’m especially proud that our story about fighting the good fight also gave us opportunities to tell diverse and inclusive stories. We need more of that on screen, and while this story may not be going forward, I really believe it helped open that door a little wider for more characters from all backgrounds to shine.”

“Thank you, #BatBrats, for your full-throated support. The show may be ending, but I know this community will keep the light shining against the darkness in the real world. Onward!”

According to Deadline, ‘Gotham Knights’ was cut from The CW last week, joining a host of other series that were cancelled by the network. Only four existing CW dramas will make it to next season.

‘Gotham Knights’ has been a respectable ratings performer and, under different circumstances, could’ve made it to a second season but, with the business model of the CW changing under its new ownership, only a handful of highly rated (by CW standards) existing scripted series could make the cut.”



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