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Mishal Raheja: Being in front of camera is like a shot of tequila for me, brings me to life

Actor Mishal Raheja, who has worked in some of the best shows such as ‘Love Story’, ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ and ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ to name a few, says he misses being in front of the camera as called it a “shot of tequila”, which brings him to life.

Mishal was last seen on screen in ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’, where he played the role of Sahil Aggarwal. He then joined his father’s business. However, he doesn’t mince his words when he says he really misses being in front of the camera.

Talking to IANS of making a comeback, Mishal said: “I miss it so much but I realised if there’s no importance in the character, there is no satisfaction for me as a human being you see… I really crave being on screen. I really crave shooting. Everytime give an audition, I come 10 times more to life than I genuinely am.”

From being in front of the camera, then not being in front of the camera and not getting the spotlight, does that bother him? Pat came the reply: “I don’t crave for it.”

“I just crave being in front of the camera because that brings me to life. That is like a shot of tequila for me.”

The actor shared an interesting personal anecdote.

“So, everytime I give an audition in my house, when people help even holding the camera for me, I see reactions on their faces also. They have held the camera for so many times and auditions, it’s like a therapeutic reaction seeing their eyebrows going up. These kinds of things bring me to life,” he shared.



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