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Mississauga ranks 4th in transit ratings

Tech-powered real estate brokerage Techfin recently ranked the top 15 big Canadian cities (population exceeding 300,000) based on their public transit in 2019.

Mississauga comes in at fourth place overall, with a score of 56.

“Transit Score is calculated based on indicators showing that local public transit is both convenient, and runs frequently,” Techin explains.

Neighbouring city Brampton comes in just below with a score of 53.

The top three best cities are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, with scores of 78, 74, and 67, respectively.

Hamilton and London come in last, both with scores of 45.

A project studying the traveling habits of Mississauga revealed that 86 per cent of its residents travel by car, while 10 per cent use public transit and four per cent walk or cycle, but the city has a relatively low number of vehicles per household compared to Brampton, Durham, or Halton.

Despite just 10 per cent using public transit, MiWay Transit sees heavy usage as the fourth highest in all of Ontario. Since 2010-2011, public transit has seen a 26 per cent growth while the population grew by just 1.1 per cent.

More than two million trips occur on a weekday in the city. Of those trips, 10 per cent are trips to and from school, 38 per cent are trips to and from work, while 52 per cent of trips are for all other purposes. Berquist says this shows that solutions designed to deal with rush hour challenges are not sufficient, as most trips are occurring throughout the day.

There is also plenty of traffic coming in and out of the city as more than 200,000 employees working in the city live outside the city and almost 150,000 residents leave Mississauga for work every day. -CINEWS

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