Mistaken identity – ‘Dead’ woman comes alive

In a bizarre situation, a 65-year-old woman, who had been declared dead due to Covid by Jhansi medical college authorities, was found alive a day later.

According to reports, the woman Rajkumari Gupta, 65, was declared dead on Friday by the hospital authorities due to Covid.

As per reports, Rajkumari had been admitted to the hospital on April 23 and ‘died’ on the same day. She was having a sore throat, fever and cough with breathing problems.

The matter came to light on Saturday after some people contacted her relatives at her house.

Later, a video clip also went viral in which Rajkumari was seen standing in the balcony of her house saying that she had recovered and was quite fit.

Dr Narendra Singh Sengar, the principal of the Jhansi medical college, said that it was a matter of mistaken identity as a woman of similar name had died of Covid on late Thursday night.

“The family members of the deceased entered the hospital’s ICU ward and started creating ruckus. They even manhandled the medical staff present at that time for which an FIR had been lodged. During this scuffle, the files got mingled which created this confusion”, he said.

Meanwhile, six people died due to Covid while 834 new patients were reported in the district on Saturday.

Those who succumbed, include three women aged 69, 67, 45, years and three men aged 56, 59, 65 years. All of them were admitted in different hospitals with Covid like symptoms.