Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Mixed-gender football league 2023-24 attracts 5,000 participants

Enabling Leadership (EL) is all set to host a one-of-its-kind pan-India mixed-gender football competition as part of its EL-PLAY programme.

With more than 500 mixed-gender teams playing across 9 regions and categories, and 5,000 participants, this will be the largest football event of its kind in the country so far.

The mixed-gender football competition not only imparts leadership skills to children but also promotes diversity and inclusivity. It nurtures responsible, self-reliant individuals who can positively impact their communities.

Over the past 25 years, initiatives by UEFA have been instrumental in breaking down barriers for girls in football. This tournament further advances these efforts by fostering essential life skills and reshaping perspectives within communities.

What started with only mixed-gender practice sessions, evolved into over 300 matches over time. The 2022 tournament introduced mixed-gender games for the sub-junior category (9-10 years age). Taking it further, in the 2023-24 season, mixed-gender matches will be played at the Junior level (age 11-13 years) across all regions (about 500 matches in total).

“Through this mixed-gender tournament, we aim to empower girls while at the same time, change the boys’ perspectives and views. It is also a visually powerful way to demonstrate what equality and diversity means. Thai allows us to involve parents who then change their views about what their sons and daughters are capable of. By ensuring equitable opportunities and creating a nurturing space where both boys and girls understand and leverage each other’s strengths and play styles, we hope to change behaviours and foster a community that encourages young people to pursue their dreams irrespective of gender,” said, Ravi Sonnad, founder & CEO, Enabling Leadership.



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