Mobile electric crematorium launched in Erode, first in TN

While mobile electric crematoriums are common in other states of India, Tamil Nadu will have its first one now.

The Erode Central Rotary Club has pitched in with a mobile electric crematorium to reduce the cost of cremating the dead.

V.K. Rajamanikyam, Secretary of Athma Trust functioning under the Erode Central Rotary club, while speaking to the mediapersons, said, “The cost of electric crematorium in Erode was high and people had to shell out Rs 15,000 for cremating the body of a loved one. This includes Rs 3,500 as the crematorium fee and it will be increased to Rs 4,500 from this month onwards. This led us in search of a mobile electric crematorium and it has commenced functioning.”

He said that the total charges for a cremation in a mobile electric crematorium will be Rs 7,500, which is almost half of the amount needed at a regular electric crematorium in Erode.

The components of the electric crematorium were bought from Kerala, including an ambulance and other equipment — cremator and generator.

The Athma trust is planning to operate new mobile crematoriums across the state with the support of the state government.

R. Veluswamy, local political leader and a social worker of Erode while speaking to IANS said, “This is a welcome move and it has reduced the cost of cremation by half.”




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