Mobile filmmaking gets a boost with iPhone 14 Pro models this Diwali

As millions of Indians get prepared to celebrate the festival of light with fervour after two years of the pandemic, ace photographers said on Sunday that the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have empowered mobile filmmakers with some game-changing features.

Gursimran Basra, a famous travel photographer, said that the new improved Macro mode is incredible.

“Bringing the iPhone close to the subject to a point when black & yellow flower icon appears is when the phone’s camera would accurately capture a correct Macro photograph. The end results are spectacular with great depth in details and sharpness,” Basra told IANS.

The new 48MP Main camera on iPhone Pro and Pro Max enables new features, including an additional 2x Telephoto for a total of four zoom options and the ability to shoot 48MP photos in ProRAW, further empowering the creativity of Pro users.

All cameras get a boost in low-light performance thanks to the new Photonic Engine.

Cinematic mode now records in 4K resolution and 24 frames per second, the cinematic frame rate.

Action mode brings even more stabilised video during activities with a lot of motion, also recording in Dolby Vision HDR.

Joshua Karthik, an entrepreneur and award-winning photographer, said that eith iPhone 14 Pro Max, hardware and software improvements work really well together.

“I’m seeing much better detail in my photos, and cleaner and sharper images in low light across all cameras. The most remarkable developments for me have been in video,” he told IANS.

Karthik further said that the Action Mode and Cinematic Mode in 4K are true game changers for mobile filmmakers, “and just about anyone who wants better video of family and friends at Diwali”.

According to Basra, while capturing far sight scenes, “I usually enable the Portrait Mode because of its capabilities to capture tiniest of the details”.

“I go back and forth between 1x, 2x and 3x zooms to find that perfect frame which contains the details and sharpness I want. Sometimes, zooming in a lot degrades the quality of the photograph. So it is important to get that perfect crop,” he explained.

The Ultra Wide camera has a new sensor that is nearly twice the size of iPhone 13 Pro and now has 100 percent Focus Pixels. This further improves image quality and focus in lower-light scenarios. Together with the Photonic Engine, it delivers up to 3x better low-light photos.

The Cinematic mode now supports 4K resolution up to 30 fps, including 24 fps — a go-to for shots just like the movies.




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