Modernisation of madrasa on Yogi’s agenda


The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh is now working towards modernisation and upgradation of Madrasa education.

Students studying in Madrasa Board run schools, are now writing a new chapter of success by acquiring modern education along with the traditional ‘Dini Talim’.

Examinations have been completely regularised in four years. Earlier, the examinations were held in the month of August and sometimes even in September.

The state government also provided the basic facility of chairs and tables in the madrasa so that the students do not sit on the floor anymore.

The Yogi Adityanath government has further introduced NCERT in the syllabus of state madrasa making the students ready for the competitive examinations and bringing the curriculum at par with the mainstream education.

To uplift the standard of education in the madrasas, an amount of Rs 479 crore has been proposed in this financial Budget of 2021-22.

According to the government spokesman, “Since Board exams were never held on time, students were not able to enroll in degree colleges and universities.”

Zirgamuddin, a member of the madrasa board, said, “First of all, the regularisation of the examinations was done. The exams are now monitored through CCTV and are made transparent. Previously students used to take the exam by sitting on the sack board, but now they sit on a chair-table and take the exam. NCERT books along with Dini Talim are introduced in Madrasas. With exams, viva and experiments are also taken.”

Danish Azad, a member of the Uttar Pradesh Language Committee, says that there are 558 government aided madrasas and about 17,000 private madrasas operating in the state.

“To give relief to madrasa students, their syllabus has been reduced. Earlier, students had to study from 12 to 15 number of books but now they have only 7 to 8 books to study. The papers which used to be lengthy have been shortened by dividing them into sections. This has helped the students a lot.”