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Modi promises ‘pakka ghar’ and tap connection to each poor in Rajasthan (2nd lead)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced that each poor person in Rajasthan will be given a pucca roof and tap connection if BJP government comes back to power in the desert state.

While addressing a rally in Chittorgarh district,the PM also reiterated his earlier statement that the party will contest assembly polls in Rajasthan on the face of lotus.

Making scathing attacks on ruling Congress in Rajasthan, Modi targetted govt on crime against women, poor law and order, paper leak mafia and Kanhaiya Lal (tailor) murder too and accused the CM (Ashok Gehlot) of saving his chair in the last five years without focussing on any other issue.

He said that Rajasthan has been proud of its culture and heritage, but the five-year Congress government has ruined the credibility of Rajasthan. Making a big promise, the PM said that if the government is formed, every poor person in Rajasthan will be given a pucca roof, and tap connection will be provided to every house.

Modi said, “Congress definitely formed the government by telling lies, but could not run it. While sitting, getting up, sleeping and waking up, Chief Minister Gehlot was busy in saving the Chief Minister’s chair and half of the Congress was busy in removing him from the chair, but the entire Congress remained united in the matter of looting. Here the criminals and looters are considering themselves as the government, such a government should not last even for a day.”

He further said that Chief Minister ‘Gehlotji’ knows that the countdown for the departure of the government in Rajasthan has started. People sitting in Delhi may not believe it, but Gehlotji knows that the government is going. “That is why they are requesting that their schemes should not be stopped after the formation of the BJP government. Thank you ‘Gehlotji’ because you accepted defeat. Since you have accepted honestly, then Modi is many times more honest than you. I assure that the BJP government will try to make the public welfare schemes started by you even better,” he added.

Making mockery of the Congress government, he said, “We once used to hear of the mine mafia, but here the paper leak mafia has flourished. I assure the youth that those who play with their future will be held accountable and action will be taken against them.”

The PM further said that the Congress always makes false announcements due to fear of losing elections.

“Whenever Congress feels that it is going to lose the elections, it starts making false announcements and starts spending crores on campaigns from government treasury. Same efforts are being made in Rajasthan also. Only Modi fulfills the guarantee of removing the worries of poor families,” he added.

“I am saying with a very sad heart that when it comes to crime, Rajasthan comes on top. Our Rajasthan is infamous when it comes to anarchy, riots and stone pelting. Our Rajasthan is ruined due to atrocities on women and atrocities on Dalits,” Modi said highlighting incidents of crime against women in different parts of the state.



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