Modi’s visit to Raj: PM may announce Devnarayan corridor to woo Sachin Pilot’s voters

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Rajasthan in Malaseri Dungri on Saturday, speculations are rife that he may announce the formation of Devnarayan corridor on line of Mahakal and Kashi corridors which will help him get the Gujjar votes in the forthcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha polls.

While political sources confirmed that there are fair chances that the PM might announce the Devnarayan corridor, they also said that the temple here is the biggest centre of faith of Gujjars and hence will help to garner votes from around 9 states across the country.

Modi will reach here on January 28 on the occasion of the 1111th birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan. The PM will visit and worship in the temple of Lord Devnarayan. A large number of people are likely to come from Mewar, Hadauti and Ajmer to Dhundhar and Braj-Dang. Tremendous enthusiasm is being seen in the Gujjar community regarding the arrival of Prime Minister Modi.

In present times, the Gujjar community is quite annoyed with the Congress as Sachin Pilot has not been made the Chief Minister despite the tall promises made to them about the same.

Hence, there is resentment among the Gujjar community and now with the Preme Minister’s visit to the place, the BJP is going to get the benefit, said political sources.

In 2018, many veteran Gujjar leaders faced defeat as the community voted for the Congress hoping that Pilot coming from their community will be made the chief minister. So now, the Prime Minister’s visit will target this community which is presently aggrieved with Congress, confirmed the political veterans.

Gujjar vote-bank politics influences around 40 assembly and 12 Lok Sabha seats. In fact, the victory or defeat of the candidate is decided by the Gujjar votes here, they added.

Sources said that the research team of the Central Government reached Bhilwara and it has started its research work in Asind. Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal has asked the research team to know about the life and stories of Lord Devnarayan in Asind and to find more on its literature and lectures, they added.

However, the BJP is clearly denying the political motive.

Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan and senior leader of BJP, Gulabchand Kataria said that 36 communities believe in Lord Devnarayan. He is the adorable God of Gujjars, so the Gujjar community will come in large numbers in the PM’s public meeting. He further said that it should not be linked to just one caste.

Kataria said that the birthplace of Lord Devnarayan is the centre of faith for everyone and Prime Minister Modi is coming on his birth anniversary, so it is natural that lakhs of people will definitely come to listen to the PM.

BJP State President, Satish Poonia said that this programme is being organised by the Ministry of Culture. Lord Devnarayan is worshiped by all of us. For the first time the Prime Minister of the country is coming to his birthplace, so there will be more enthusiasm among the people of this region.




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