Mohan Kapur confirms ‘Ms. Marvel’ family will feature in ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel

Marvel’s latest superhero is also their very first South Asian teen hero called Kamala Khan played by Iman Vellani has fans all over the globe rooting for her.

In the show, Indian actor Mohan Kapur plays the role of lovable father Yusuf Khan with actor Zenobia Shroff playing the traditional and conservative mother Muneeba Khan.

Mohan Kapur had garnered a fair bit of fans for his ‘desi’ Hulk get up in the second episode of the show and in a recent chat with ETimes, he talked about all the love he has been receiving since ‘Ms. Marvel’ premiered on Disney+.

He said, “It is all very surprising because typically when you do a supporting role of a father, you don’t expect to get so much appreciation and accolades. What I am getting is unreal. I go like ‘What? Really? Are they watching the same thing that I performed in?’ My friends told me that my life would change after this because Marvel has a completely different and loving fanbase. I guess they have been proven right and I don’t know how to react.”

It would be normal to think that it’s only the desi Indian community that’s heaping praises on the actor, but that’s not all. “The amazing thing is that the love is coming from different parts of the world. It is coming from Hollywood, Spain, Italy, Africa, and all kinds of places where you didn’t realise, they watch this show. The fact that they are appreciating a fatherly character is amazing,” Mohan said.

According to Mohan Kapur it is the “family as a unit” concept that the writers created which has made the series very fresh, relatable at the same time new.

Mohan Kapur further added, “You don’t see South-Asian families getting represented in a Hollywood story and especially not a Marvel story. I watched episode 4 with a friend and I asked ‘Did you ever think that Hollywood and Marvel will have Hindi music playing in it?’ That is insane.”

Since, he is part of the main cast of one of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s shows Mohan Kapur was asked if viewers will see more of him as Yusuf Khan when Kamala Khan forays into the big screen for the ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel, ‘Marvels’.

To this Mohan said, “Oh yeah! The Khan family is very intrinsic to the ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel that is called ‘The Marvels’. We are going to London to complete the film. The Khan family is there while their daughter is saving the universe.”

He also adds some comical titbits of what’s coming up for the Khan family on the show and adds, “The Khan family is a typical South-Asian family. ‘Arey mera baccha kaha jaa raha hai?’… ‘Beta kuch khaya? (My baby, where are you going? Child, did you eat?) Sleep on time han…’ all this while she is out saving the world.”



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