Mohit Kumar finds his character in ‘Sab Satrangi’ unconventional and rare


TV actor Mohit Kumar gets candid about his character Manu in the show ‘Sab Satrangi’. Manu’s character reflects good virtues and optimism.

Mohit said: “When I was told about my character and the storyline that will follow, I was surprised and also very excited. This is one special opportunity where a show allows me to perform a character that is so rare, loving and believes in the goodness of people.”

The ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2’ actor likes the character because according to him it is different from what generally viewers see on television. The character makes a distinct appeal.

“It’s helping me explore finer nuances as an artist and experiment with Manu. As artists, we always strive to play characters that are beyond conventions and unlike the portrayals, we usually see on television. Manu is one such role, and I am delighted to play it,” adds Mohit.

Mohit says that his on screen personality relates to his father and this makes the role special to him.

“To me, Manu’s character will always be close to my heart as it resonates with my father. During our briefing sessions, when I gradually started understanding my character, the thoughts of my father kept crossing my mind. In a way, I feel this is good fortune for me to have bagged this opportunity of playing a character just like my father. I guess I was destined to portray Manu as I have always wanted to imbibe my father’s mannerisms since my childhood.”

Talking about prepping up for his role, Manu shares: “With Manu, all my energies are focused on learning the accent, understanding the correct body language and making it as real as possible. I have worked extremely hard on my character and hope that my fans will love watching Manu on screen.”

‘Sab Satrangi’ is a family drama which revolves around the life of Mankameshwar alias Manu played by Mohit Kumar. It will be airing soon on Sony SAB.



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