‘Moonfall’ director Roland Emmerich talks about inception of film

The upcoming sci-fi disaster film ‘Moonfall’ found its germ in a single idea that was later spun around to create a compelling narrative. The film’s director Roland Emmerich racked his grey matter on the theme of ‘What if’.

The film shows the events that follow after the moon begins a deadly collision course to destroy earth. A group of three individuals take the onus to fight impossible odds to save the Earth.

Recollecting the thought that clouded his mind before he sat down to write, “I thought that was an intriguing idea for a movie. What happens if this object falls down to Earth?”

Talking about how he expanded on the idea, he further said, “I was equally fascinated by the challenge of creating characters who embark on a mission to the Moon to save our planet, as well as the families who stay behind and struggle to survive the cataclysms that come with the Moon’s collision course with earth.”

Actress Halle Berry, who plays a former NASA astronaut shed light on what drew her to her part in the film, “She’s a woman who’s surviving in a man’s world. Fowler is very willful. I love women and characters like this because she’s strong in her work, but she’s also a mother.”

She also revealed that initially, the part was intended for a male actor, “Credit to Roland for realizing that this could be a female character and still have the same impact.”

Actor Patrick Wilson, who has worked with Emmerich on his 2019 directorial ‘Midway’, spoke about his second collaboration with the director on ‘Moonfall’, “‘Moonfall’ is a great concept. I love sci-fi and don’t get a chance to do it a lot, so that was a big bonus.”

For British actor John Bradley, “Houseman is one of the most fun characters” he has “ever created”.

PVR Pictures and MVP Entertainment release ‘Moonfall’, directed by Roland Emmerich, starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Michael Pena, and Donald Sutherland, is set to release on February 11.




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