Morbi councillors oppose Guj govt’s move to supersede nagarpalika

The councillors of the Morbi Nagarpalika have opposed the Gujarat government’s move to supersede it.

The councillors have written a letter to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel opposing the state government’s move.

After the collapse of the suspension bridge on the Machchu River on October 30, in which 135 people were killed, the Gujarat government informed the Gujarat High Court that it will supersede the nagarpalika.

Of the 52 elected members in the Morbi nagarpalika, 47 members have opposed this. In the letter to the chief minister these councillors have stated that they had no role in giving the repair contract to Oreva group.

Councillors have said in the letter that it was the decision of the nagarpalika president, vice president and standing committee chairman. All 52 councillors are from the BJP. One of the councillors, Devabhai Avadiya told IANS, “We 47 councillors have no idea whether there was any agreement between nagarpalika and the Oreva group, the resolution was never put up for voting in the general board. In such a case, how can the government hold all 52 councillors responsible for the negligence.”

He further said, “After superseding nagarpalika, even after fresh elections are held, leaders like him will not have difficulty in getting reelected to the nagarpalika, but about those who had won the election with thin margin or are not financially sound to bear election expenses, why should they be punished.”

BJP nagarpalika leader Kamlesh Desai has said that 47 councillors have signed the letter and two more will sign the letter, after which they plan to post it to the Chief Minister and will also request for a personal meeting. He has appealed to the Chief Minister to take all councillors in confidence before taking the extreme step of superseding the nagarpalika.




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