More Canadians seek medical help abroad: Study

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Tired of the wait time

The Fraser Institute report released recently says an estimated 63,459 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment outside Canada last year, a steady increase over previous numbers.

The province of B.C. appears to be leading the country with the highest percentage of patients — 2.4 per cent — doing so.

While many Canadians also go abroad to seek cheaper options for expensive elective surgeries, procedures that aren’t legal in Canada (like paid surrogacy), or experimental treatment.

The study has sparked debate about the adequacy of Canadian medical services and what really drives Canadians to risk going under the knife outside the country.

As wait times increase there is every temptation for affluent or those with an option to get more immediate medical assistance in another country jump at the opportunity. Sometimes the toss up is either wait 6 to 12 months for a surgery while enduring pain or fly into another country and be done with the surgery in the next 72 hours at the most. – CINEWS

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