More red light cameras installed in Mississauga

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The Peel Region has added red light cameras (RLC) at five intersections across Peel, bringing the total to 33 locations.

The intersections where the RLCs have been added are:
• Derry Road West and Syntex Drive/Syntex Court
• Queensway Road East and Camilla Road
• Britannia Road West and Grossbeak Drive/Delle Donne Drive
• Britannia Road West and Tillsdown Drive/River Grove Avenue
• Cawthra Road and Atwater Avenue

Installing red light cameras at more and more intersections in busy areas seems to be the trend. Cities tend to install these cameras at intersections which have had the highest number of right-angle collisions.

The cameras have been proven to reduce side-impact crashes in a number of counties, and in many studies have proven to reduce the rate of injury at various intersections.

Camera installation tends to increase rear-end crashes, as drivers often panic when they see the installation and stop short at the light. A seven-year period’s worth of data from five different jurisdictions in the state of Virginia also showed an 18 percent increase in crash-related injuries at intersections where the cameras were installed. -CINEWS

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