Most California residents prefer continued Covid curbs: Poll


A new survey has revealed that majority of the residents in California prefer continued restrictions against the Covid-19 pandemic despite a dip in new cases and expiration of the state’s virus-related policies.

The results of the statewide survey from the Public Policy Institute of California, showed that more than six in 10 residents still favour the restrictions, reports Xinhua news agency.

Of those surveyed, 46 per cent favour strongly, 18 per cent favour somewhat.

The survey showed surprisingly large gender differences on this issue as women (57 per cent) are far more likely to strongly favour controlling the spread than men (35 per cent).

Across racial/ethnic groups, Latinos are most likely to strongly favor controlling the spread.

Californians with lower educational levels and incomes are more likely to strongly support controlling the spread than those with higher educational and income levels, according to the survey.

Additionally, a majority of Californians (57 per cent) favour requiring proof of vaccination to be able to enter large outdoor gatherings or certain indoor spaces such as restaurants, bars, and gyms, while 41 per cent oppose this requirement.

Women (62 per cent) are more likely than men (52 per cent) to favour requiring proof of vaccines.

California, once an epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, continues its decline in new cases in recent weeks.

The state, home to around 40 million residents, has reported 8,494,005 cases and 88,207 related deaths till date, according to the California Department of Public Health.



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