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Most Canadians wouldn’t pass citizenship test: Poll

A new poll suggests that many Canadians would have difficulty passing the citizenship test. The Forum Research asked 1,654 voters 10 questions from the study guide for the Canadian citizenship test and found that only 12 per cent of respondents got enough correct answers (eight or more) to pass the test with a score of at least 75 per cent.

On average, respondents to the poll got about five out of 10 questions correct. About 20 per cent of respondents, meanwhile, got only two or fewer questions right. Roughly one in a hundred got all 10 questions correct.

The poll found that only one fifth of Canadians (19 per cent) were correctly able to identify the Queen as Canada’s Head of State while fewer than half (48 per cent) were able to correctly identify the Aboriginal, French, and British as the founding people of Canada.

Most respondents (63 per cent) did recognize that the Midwest is not a region of Canada but some wrongly said that the West Coast (7 per cent), Central Canada (6 per cent), the Prairies (4 per cent), the Northern Territories (4 per cent) and Atlantic Canada (2 per cent) were not regions.

Canadians were also somewhat confused about their party leaders.

A list of four names were presented – Gilles Duceppe, Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Elizabeth May – and respondents were asked to identify which was not currently a party leader in the House of Commons.

About half (53 per cent) correctly identified Duceppe but 20 per cent said Trudeau, nine per cent said May and six per cent said Scheer.

The question with the highest percentage of correct answers concerned the Canadian Pacific Railway. About two-thirds of respondents (65 per cent) correctly identified connecting the country coast to coast as the most important element of the project but eight per cent thought it was responsible for the start of the manufacturing industry. -CINEWS

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