Most Indians experience high fever, tiredness, dry cough symptoms


Bulk of Indians have accepted feeling symptoms like fever, tiredness, dry cough, cold, nasal congestion and running nose prompting them to go for Covid-19 test.

IANS-CVoter Covid tracker survey reveals that almost 8.5 per cent Indians ran high fever, 6.5 per cent complained of dry cough, 6.2 per cent of tiredness, 5 per cent of body pain and 4.9 per cent said they had cold, nasal congestion and running nose.

A total of 3.4 per cent Indians said they faced difficulty in breathing while 3.5 per cent complained about sore throat or pain in throat.

Majority of the people approached in the survey accepted that their neighbours have these symptoms, followed by those in their household and a few who said they were themselves posing similar health issues.

A total of 8.4 per cent Indians said they their neighbours are facing flue like symptoms, 3.4 per cent accepted that it was in their household while 2.8 per cent said they are facing the same issues.

A total of 6,872 people across the country were asked these questions during the survey conducted in the past one week.

The survey comes when India is passing through the second wave of Covid-19 virus which so far infected 2,78,94,800 people with 21,14,508 active cases and 3,25,972 deaths.

To curb the spread of the deadly pandemic, the central government has advised to go for Covid-19 test if fever, sore throat, body pain, breathlessness, running nose, nasal congestion or any flue like symptoms is witness in any individual with stress on to keep themselves isolate.

Asked “How many days of ration, medicine or money for ration or medicine is available for your family in your house”, 24 per cent said it is available for a month, 22.4 per cent informed about its availability for a week and 15.7 per cent accepted it will be enough for only less than a week.

A total of 19.3 per cent said it will be available for more than a month while 15.1 per cent said it is enough for two weeks. While 3.4 per cent said these items are available for them for three weeks.