Mouni Roy reveals why Kathakali is her favourite dance form

Actress Mouni Roy, who is seen as a judge on ‘DID L’il Masters’, has revealed why Kathakali is her favourite dance form in an episode of the dance-based reality show.

She says Kathakali is a dance form that includes storytelling.

This weekend as well, viewers are in for a special treat as famous Bollywood choreographers – Geeta Kapur and Terrance Lewis will be seen gracing the show alongside the judges of ‘DID L’il Masters’. During the shoot, it was Geeta’s challenge to contestant Aarav to perform to a Kathakali song that won Mouni’s heart.

Mouni revealed, “Firstly, I would like to thank Geeta Ma for giving Aarav this challenge of performing a Kathakali act for all of us. I feel it is very important for us to show the audience our classical dance forms as well. Our culture is very beautiful, and Kathakali is a dance form that includes storytelling and expressing our feelings and emotions through our eyes.”

“I feel Aarav did full justice to this dance form today on DID L’il Masters. I must add that Kathakali is an art form of the Malayalam-speaking, south-western region of Kerala and it is very close to my heart as a person from Kerala (referring to her husband Suraj Nambiar) is also very close to my heart.”

‘DID L’il Masters’ airs on Zee TV.




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