Mourners wave Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan flags at Peshawar funeral

Footage of mourners not only chanting slogans in favour of the Afghan Taliban but also brandishing Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan flags at a funeral in Peshawar went viral on the social media, a media report said.

A police official told The Express Tribune that the incident took place on Friday night when a body was brought to the Regi Lalma area of Peshawar from the Afghan Torkham border.

The report said Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkha, Moazzam Jahan Ansari said that an investigation is underway to ascertain “those behind the reprehensible act”.

A case has now been registered at the Regi Police Station against the Taliban.

The incident comes off the back of heightened anxiety in both Afghanistan and Pakistan with the draw down of US troops underway in the war-torn country as the Taliban look to claim their stake to power.

The neighbours have both fallen prey to countless acts of violence at the hands of the Afghan Taliban with terrorists crossing the border to carry out attacks in major cities of Pakistan.