MP CM proposes celebrating birthday of villages


If all goes as per plan, every village in Madhya Pradesh will have a unique identification and its birthday celebrated every year.

As per the plan, the elected representatives of villages (panch and sarpanch) and the villagers will decide a particular day to celebrate the birthday. The panchayats will decide a particular date, with its unique identification, coinciding it with any ritual, traditional, or historical value of their villages.

The gram-panchayat will hold a meeting with residents of village and prepare a comprehensive plan for the celebration. All the people who belong to a particular village but are living in other districts, states, or countries will be invited for the event.

A proposal for this unique programme has been made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday. Chouhan has made an appeal to all village panchayats in the state to start the process. And, if the announcement is brought into the reality, probably it would be a first-its-kind of initiative in the country.

While making an announcement, Chouhan also talked about the purpose behind this unique proposal. It would not only give villages their unique identification but people living far from villages will be able to reconnect with their birth places, he said.

“People living far from their villages, who have expertise in different sectors will gather under one roof and contribute in setting the path of development of their village. I am sure each person, he/she may be at any position will be ready to contribute to his/her village. Also, they can remain connected with their birth places,” Chouhan added.

How the gram-panchayat can fix a particular date for village’s birthday celebration, Chouhan gave an example of his own village- Jait, which is in Sehore district.

“I, along with the people, have decided to celebrate birthday of my village on Naramada Jayanti as Jait village is located on the bank of the river Narmada,” he added.





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