MP parties get into election mode; BJP eyes potential Cong rebels

Although there is more than a year to go before the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, both prominent political parties, the ruling BJP and Congress in opposition, are intensifying their efforts for the election and have come full swing in election mode. While Congress is conducting a ground survey for the candidature, BJP is busy gathering the feedback of the leaders.

Both the parties seem to be drawing lessons from the assembly elections of 2018 and are cautious of any kind of lapse. The reason is that in that election, Congress came to power with some gains but neither party had a majority.

In the assembly of 230 MLAs, Congress was able to win 114 and BJP 109, but due to the support of independents and SP-BSP, Congress formed the government. Later, there was a rebellion within Congress and the government collapsed in 2020. As a result, BJP got a chance to take the reigns after a year and a half.

Although BJP wields power in the state, they are alert about the 2023 elections as the result of the 2018 is not forgotten. The strength of BJP has increased after the 2018 assembly elections because Jyotiraditya Scindia, a veteran Congress leader, is now with BJP. Besides, more than two dozen MLAs had also joined BJP.

BJP succeeded significantly in the by-elections as well as 17 Congress MLAs cross-voted during the presidential election. Overall, the BJP’s position is strong, but it is concerned should a situation like 2018 repeat.

While BJP’s organisation head Vishnu Dutt Sharma is touring all over the state and engaging in campaign to strengthen the organisation, his emphasis is on strength of the booth. The party has also taken seriously the result of the recently held civic body elections as out of 16 municipal corporations, Congress mayoral candidates have won five seats and two seats went to others.

The BJP is particularly on the lookout for those who can rebel or are involved in activities against the party, that is why the party is continuously taking action against such people. On the other hand, feedback at ground level is also being collected. Based on this as well, the candidates for the upcoming assembly elections will be decided.

While BJP is trying to strengthen its mobilisation, Congress has also intensified its ground preparations. Kamal Nath has appointed in-charge and co-in-charges at district level and has intensified the work of survey and he has also made it clear in the recently held meeting that only those names in the survey will be fielded.

Kamal Nath’s attitude is sharp these days, he is instructing the party leaders and has an eye on those people who can harm the party. Besides, he is also alert should there be a rebellion within the party again.

Political analysts believe that there will be a tough fight between BJP and Congress in the state in the coming assembly elections, which is why both the parties are already trying to move forward. If BJP has a strong organisation, then the big hope for Congress is seen in the failures of the state and Central government.

Therefore, both the parties are preparing for the elections in their own ways. A strengthened party is surer to meet with success; rebellion will cause the party to suffer.




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