‘Ms Marvel’ Iman Vellani feels film industry is heading in right direction with inclusivity


Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani, whose miniseries ‘Ms Marvel’ opened to a positive response, feels that the film and content industry is heading in the right direction with inclusivity.

She also hopes that the series is not the end of the road for Muslims and Pakistanis in Hollywood and that more such projects keep coming to the fore.

Elaborating on the same, Iman told IANS in a roundtable conversation, “I think we are heading in the right direction and I hope ‘Ms Marvel’ is not the end of seeing Muslims and Pakistanis in Hollywood.”

She also shared that hopefully the show will allow more people from the South Asian community to tell their stories, “I do believe that we are creating space for more inclusiveness and we are also hoping that the show inspires more South Asian creators to tell their own stories. And I really hope that the series gets the ball rolling on more representation in Hollywood and people to tell their stories.”

When probed as to why superhero films cut through a huge strata of audience, she responded by saying, “Superheroes and these stories in general which stem out from comics are just a projection of real life in this fantastic world. It is so much fun to see characters like Kamla, who really represents everything by fan culture and fandom and then becomes the superhero herself, she reacts the same way any of us would react if we got those superpowers.”

“I really think that the show is going to be for everyone and they can see themselves in some parts of Kamla’s journey”, she concluded.



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