Mugdha Godse is grateful for the way 2021 has started off

Actress Mugdha Godse looks forward to the release of her film “Fauji Calling” and the reality show “Forbidden Angels”, where she will be in the judge’s seat. After a tough 2020, she is happy that things are looking bright for everyone in the film industry.

“I am grateful for everything and beginning of the year 2021. I have my movie releasing and reality show telecasting. There are too many things happening and more projects are lined up. I wish and pray in 2021 things will get settled and all should get their work back who have suffered major losses in business and jobs. I am excited about my movie and the show coming up. Let’s hope everyone likes it, too,” Mugdha tells IANS.

Mugdha believes last year, despite the pandemic, had a silver lining.

“The year 2020 has been a testing year and we have tried to stay positive. Although the year gave everyone a hard time, we did do a lot of activities, got self time and family time during lockdown. Now all of us are trying to get back to work,” she says.

Mugdha made her acting debut with “Fashion” in 2008, and went on to do films such as “Jail”, “Heroine” and “All The Best: Fun Begins”.