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Multifunctional furniture make a comeback this year

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANSlife) Whether you plan to reduce the environmental footprint or wish to make your house look more spacious, smart investments in furniture is the key. Many people today opt for furniture that increases the functionality of the space. Multifunctional furniture not only adds more convenience to their lifestyle, it also perhaps becomes a part of their daily routine.

Here are a few smart furniture designs created and suggested by the interior design students of Vogue Institute of Art & Design:


With the rise in options for furniture with more utilities, furniture is no longer an inflexible object. Moreover, it saves you more space at home. For instance, a simple chair can be transformed into a shelf. This way, you can have a seat while sipping your coffee or use it to keep your favourite items on the shelf.


Instead of storing items in lofts where a ladder is always needed for access, furniture can be designed to store your items. All you need to do is ensure the furniture is designed with an appeal. You can never go wrong with contemporary or vintage styles. Opt for comfortable chairs with a storage compartment below or camouflage your storage with a staircase made of drawers at the bottom.


Furniture can be also designed to make everything easily accessible. If you love to read, furnish your chairs with back pockets to keep your books,

Blending to your lifestyle

Furniture can also be a part of your daily routine if designed smartly. It can even influence you to match up to your active lifestyle goals. A bar stool with exercising pedals is one such example.


With the rise in cost of living, multifunctional furniture can reduce the number of items required to complete your home. A hidden bed with a display unit or a convertible bed that can transform into a sofa can definitely be an option to reduce the cost. With quirky elements or vibrant embellishments, it will surely add an appeal to your home.

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