Mumbai: Man knocked down, ‘run over’ by bus, walks up to a miraculous escape!

Probably, his time was not up yet. An unidentified middle-aged Mumbai man was knocked down by a bus in Powai, and it ran over him even as other horrified pedestrians watched on.

The incident happened at 2.40 p.m. on Tuesday, just outside the Everest Heights Buildings near LakeSide complex in the fashionable Powai area and was captured in a CCTV that was shared by @mypowai late on Tuesday, and immediately went viral on social media networks.

The stunning 45-seconds video has captured vehicles moving slowly on a narrow but crowded road without a divider and several pedestrians walking around or crossing the road carefully.

Suddenly, a man attired in full white kurta-pyjama suit starts crossing the road when an oncoming bus loaded with students knocks him down from behind, he stumbles and tries to to get up, but is again thrown flat and the bus ‘runs over’ him completely.

As some shocked pedestrians and even a local building security guard noticed the “accident”, they waved and shouted at the bus driver, who halted the vehicle and opened his door to peer at the commotion.

Moments later, the “run-over” man himself got up, apparently shaken but unscathed, and hurriedly walked up to the bus driver to register his protest, as the video cuts off.

A local marketing consultant Pradeep S. Menon said that traffic has assumed crazy proportions in the residential-cum-commercial Powai-Chandivali areas, and the Mumbai Traffic Police and BMC must pay urgent attention to avoid such incidents “which may not always result in a miracle”.

The CCTV recording went viral on social media and has been tagged to the BJP Ward 157, local BJP MP Poonam Mahajan, Nationalist Congress Party, residents, citizens associations and other societies in Powai region.




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