Mumbai rapper Kidshot collaborates with Delhi’s Raga for ‘Ride Slow’

Mumbai-based rapper Kidshot, known for his chopper flow, which is a fast-paced rap style, has collaborated with Delhi’s Raga for ‘Ride Slow’, a track of a seven-song EP called ‘All Stars’, scheduled to release in January, 2023.

Kidshot has appeared in the movie ‘Gully Boy’ in 2019. The EP features some of the biggest artists from all the cities across India and the rapper says that the purpose behind this EP is to show the unity amongst rappers through hip-hop.

On his latest track ‘Ride Slow’, he shared with IANS: “‘Ride slow’ is something I have done differently from my rap style or my zone. It’s a club banger and it has got a lot of love from the masses. Every time I get more lyrical and try to put in more complex bars, but this time I wanted to make people groove and we did that. Can’t wait to perform it live. It’s going to be lit and Raga’s verse is cherry on top.”

“Collaborating with Raga was great… We’ve been in the scene since a decade when there was no hip-hop in this country. So, basically we were doing it, hustling and trying to reach new ears on our own. The only difference is that I was doing it in Mumbai and Raga was doing it in Delhi. With this collaboration, we are getting Mumbai and Delhi closer. And there will be one day when everyone will know how legendary this collaboration is,” he concluded.




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