Mumbai Trans Harbour Link gets its longest Orthotropic Steel Deck

The upcoming Mumbai Trans Harbour Link achieved a significant milestone after the longest Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) was launched on it, officials said here on Tuesday.

The teams at Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) successfully and carefully launched the longest OSD 4S, which is 180 metres long and weighs 2400 MT – or the weight of almost half-a-dozen Boeing aircraft.

The first OSD was launched on April 1, 2022 and the second one was launched and placed on Monday evening.

The OSD is a steel Deck Superstructure (strengthened or stiffened both transversely and longitudinally) which will carry the vehicular load on it more efficiently.

It will also improve the load-carrying capacity of the bridge as compared to the Concrete Superstructure for a similar span.

The OSD Steel Deck Superstructure has lesser self-weight than concrete or composite.

MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner S.V.R Srinivas IAS, said, “The OSD launch marks a significant milestone that the MMRDA has reached in MTHL.

“The teams are now moving in sync with our catchup plan towards commissioning the MTHL project by the end of 2023,” said Srinivas.

Among the total 32 OSDs to be erected within the MTHL project the OSD launched on Monday was the 14th and the longest, as per the MMRDA.




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