Muneeza Jilani: Former govt servant turned entrepreneur

There are many women in the Kashmir Valley who have made a name for themselves as successful entrepreneurs, but women like Muneeza are rarely seen, who turn their passion and interest into business and succeed in making a distinct career for themselves. That too by giving up a government job.

Yes, Muneeza, who gave up a government job, and decided to develop her passion for making beauty products from natural ingredients under the name “Zian Organics”. Oils, lotions, soaps, shampoos and other types of cosmetic products manufactured by her are not common as are prepared from pure herbs without any chemicals.

Muneeza Jilani, a native of Srinagar’s Lal Bazar area, holds a Masters in Computer Science and started her own business in 2018 with her focus on “health for everyone”.

Muneeza started her business with just one skin product, but due to the increasing demand, today she manufactures more than 40 organic cosmetic products for skin and hair from her home under the name “Zian Organics”. It was not easy for Muneeza to start such a business, but with his self-confidence and enthusiasm, he won the support of his family. While in order to further refine her skills and gain complete expertise, she also regularly attended training courses to develop organic cosmetic products.

Muneeza says all these herbal products are made with no chemicals or artificial colours, and natural herbs like saffron, lavender, sandalwood, honey, apricots, almonds, walnuts, Kalnoji, special types of turmeric, pomegranate, olives and coconuts are used in it.

The female entrepreneur, who currently manufactures all these cosmetic items from her own home with the help of a few women, wants to set up a factory to expand her business so that not only more organic cosmetic beauty products can be produced but also more people can be employed.

She says that social media is an important tool for marketing, thanks to which not only can one’s products be known to more people but also orders can be obtained.

The women of Kashmir valley are not only shining the name of the country but are also showing their ability and potential in other fields including education, health, art, literature, business, art and technology.

Now, women here are emerging as successful entrepreneurs, which was once considered a profession for men only. Muneeza seems to be quite happy and satisfied with her work. However, she wants parents to support their girls so that they too can fulfill their dreams according to their interest as there is no lack of talent and ability among the girls here and Kashmiri girls have proved it time and time again.

Success can be achieved in any work with dedication, courage and determination. In such a situation, Muneeza Jilani has not only made her mark as a successful women entrepreneur, but she is also becoming a torch-bearer for others.




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