‘Munni badnaam’ singer Mamta Sharma stopped singing for films as she was ‘getting typecast’

Singer Mamta Sharma shot to fame singing superhit dance numbers such as Munni badnaam hui, Fevicol se and Tinku jia, but she says she soon realised her voice was getting typecast recording such songs.

“I felt I was getting typecast for almost five to 10 years. Only after that people realised I could sing something different as well. Singers get typecast, too. If your tracks are mellow, you will always keep getting mellow tracks to sing,” Mamta tells IANS.

To evade the image trap as a singer of raunchy dance numbers, Mamta stopped singing in Hindi films. To give a further push to prove her versatility, she has constantly been singing mellow, soulful tracks over the years. She is right now ready with the romantic track, Yaar dua.

“I stopped singing more songs around 2015. Till then I was doing so many dance numbers of the same genres, with the same arrangements. I started thinking about what I should do and how to proceed. That is when I got across YouTube channels and started coming across independent music. I came across a original music (label) and they approached me to sing ‘Raj raj akhiya roya’ with Bohemia. I felt it was nice and mellow. I realised this was something new and I really enjoyed it,” she recalls.

The video of her new song, Yaar dua, features real-life couple and TV stars, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim. Talking about the track, she says: “The song is about feeling love through somebody else’s story. I have been really thankful to God that I am part of this story. It is a very beautiful track. I have been listening to it over and over again and cannot get over this.”