Muslim arranges Hindu foster daughter’s marriage in her faith

Amid instances of communal disharmony, an incident highlighting unity in the country’s diversity has emerged from Karnataka’s Vijayapura, where a Muslim man, who brought up an orphan Hindu girl for over a decade, arranged her wedding to a bridegroom from her faith.

Mehboob Musali, an electrical contractor, had been taking care of Puja for over a decade. Puja lost her parents when she was 7 years old but her relatives refused to take her. Musali, who lived in the same area, came forward to take care of her.

Puja then started living with his children, and grew up with them, with the family taking care of her as one of them. Though Puja lived with Musali’s family for over a decade, she was not made to change her religion or marry a Muslim man.

“It is against our religion,” says Musali.

Puja’s wedding to Shankar was arranged by him after she turned 18 years of age, and held on July 30, according to Hindu traditions, in front of Musali’s residence.

Guests from both religions attended the marriage and blessed the couple. The photos of the incident have gone viral and Musali’s noble gesture is being appreciated.