Muslim Barelvi sect to start Akhand Bharat movement


Muslim organisation All India Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam which claims to be the prominent organisation of the Barelvi sect of Muslims, has said that it will start a movement for Akhand Bharat (Undivided India), which means India should be again geographically as it was in the pre-Independence era.

The organisation’s general secretary Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi, who is based in Bareilly while the organisation is headquartered in Delhi, told IANS, “It’s our intention that India should attain Akhand Bharat status with merger of Pakistan and Bangladesh as it was before partition.”

He said that when Germany can unite why not India, which has the same culture as Pakistan and Bangladesh. We should move forward, it will make India a strong country.

India was partitioned in 1947 when Pakistan came into existence and in 1971 Bangladesh was liberated from Pakistan, forming three separate nations.

When asked if he associates himself with the RSS, which has propagated the Akhand Bharat theory, he said, “We are with a good cause, whichever organisation does it,” but claimed he has no idea if the RSS is running any such movement.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat had on November 26 said that the country had witnessed a major stumble at the time of partition and it cannot be forgotten, and thus will not be repeated again.

Launching a book – “Vibhajan Kaleen Bharat Ke Sakshi” (The Witness of Partition of India) – written by Krishnanand Sagar, the Sangh chief said that this is India of 2021, not 1947. Once the country was divided and now it will not happen again.

Bhagwat also advocated for ‘Akhand Bharat’ (united India) at the event. He termed the partition as an unforgettable event and asserted that the pain of division will only end when the partition would be revoked.

Bhagwat said that a conspiracy was hatched for the partition of India, which continues even today. Partition took place for peace but even after that, there were riots in the country, he asserted.

He said that the identity of India is Hindu, so what is the harm in accepting it.



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