Muslim side questions maintainability of Gyanvapi petition

The Muslim petitioners on Thursday questioned the maintainability of the Hindu side’s plea in the Gyanvapi dispute case.

As hearing began in the court of District Judge Dr A.K. Vishvesha, the Muslim lawyers cited the Places of Worship Act 1991 and claimed that the petition was not maintainable.

Abhay Yadav, the lawyer for the Muslim side, said that rumours of a ‘Shivling’ being found inside the mosque were being deliberated floated to create confusion.

He contended that the ‘Shivling’ had not yet been established by court and the court should put an end to such rumours.

Meanwhile, Vishnu Jain, lawyer for the Hindu petitioners told reporters outside the court that holes had been drilled into the ‘Shivling’ to make it look like a fountain.

Only 36 persons, including the lawyers were allowed inside the court where hearing was heard under tight security.

Hearing will continue in the case on Monday when Hindu petitioners will put up their arguments.




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